• Want to work on a farm in the USA?

    Discover new opportunities as a South African worker.

  • Always dreamt of working on a USA farm?
  • Have relevant farming skills?
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Farm4USA Seasonal Worker Provider

Farm4USA provide Seasonal employment (Summer & Winter) for South African farmers at farms throughout the USA. In various agriculture fields - machinery, CDL drivers, etc. Farm4USA is a proud Agent of USA Farm Labor Inc, the H2A placement agency in the USA.

What are the requirements to work on a farm in the USA?

Passion for Farming

Farming is hard work. You really need to have a passion for it to make it success!

Farming Skills

Obviously you need to have Farming Skills. Bonus skills: Mechanical Skills, General handyman skills, code 14 truck license etc.

Great Attitude

Farming is a stressful environment. Everything doesn't always work as it should on the farm. You need to be able to handle the pressure when things get tough.

Additional requirements: 
​- South African Citizenship 
​- Sufficient funds (for Consulate, Flights & Insurance)
Valid Passport and Drivers License
​- References from 2 previous employers

What is the process to be able to get interviewed by a USA Farmer?

Register on our platform

  • Click here to fill in the application form. 
  • We will send you a Welcome Pack explaining the H2A program and process in more detail.
  • We will register you with USA Farm Labor. 
  • You will receive a email containing your login information.

Fill in your Resume

  • After receiving your login details form USA Farm Labor, login into the platform.
  • Fill in your personal details, your relevant farming work experiences, references and other information an American farmer would be interested to know and shows your skills and experience.
  • After your Resume is complete, click the "Notify Agent" to let us know your Resume is ready for review. 
  • We will be in contact to discuss your information.

Farmer search for workers

  • Once your resume is ready, farmers can search for workers based on skills and experience.
  • We also recommend workers based on our interaction with you.
  • PS. We can't guarantee work. It is the USA farmer that choose who they want to hire.

Next Steps - if the farmer is interested

  • Interview - You will be notified that the farmer wants to interview you.
  • If they select you, the traveling arrangements will start - VISA application, flights etc. 

Not sure about your skills?

Join Farm 4 Africa T&D on their weekly session where you can learn more about the H2A program and requirements and how you can improve your skillset to make sure you stand out from the crowd!  


Upskill and learn how to operate a Self Propelled Sprayer, Combine Harvester, Tractor and Left Hand Truck!

Ready to Start the Journey?

Ready to go?

Click the link below and fill in your information. You will be registered on the USA Farm Labor Portal where you can fill in your CV. Over 600 USA farmers will be able to see your CV once you have complete it.